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*For trips to Greece there is a supplement of circa €2,000 included in the price (please note all voyages to Greece must start and finish in Turkey and no guests may leave or arrive when in Greek waters)

exclusive private charter only, we do not offer cabin charter.
Please note – Maximum 12 guests & 7 day multiples for charter, If your party is more than 12 let us know we may accept up to 14.


The southern Dodecanese, in the South Eastern Aegean Sea and into the Mediterranean, is a group of Greek islands known for their medieval castles, Byzantine churches, beaches and ancient archaeological sites. Dodecanese means 12 in Ancient Greek, but there are actually 15 larger islands and 83 islets. The Dodecanese were held by the Italians between the 2 World Wars, and several demonstrate Italianate architecture as a consequence.
Current regulations require all our voyages to the Dodecanese to start and finish in Turkey, and for the guest list to remain the same throughout the voyage.
These more southerly islands offer a lesser variety of sheltered bays than the northern Dodecanese in which to anchor, and most anchorages will be in harbours.


Symi is a small Greek Island, just North of Rhodes. It’s a tranquil and authentic Island where you experience its charm with the friendly, hospitable locals.It features a colourful main town with vibrant architecture as well the harbour, Gialos. There is also a number of museums and pebble beaches to relax and unwind on.
The traditional port enhances the approach to the Island. The houses sit on the slopes behind the harbour; as you sail in you may think you are looking at a photograph but your eyes are not lying; it is totally real. The buildings are all protected to ensure they will be there for others to see in the future.
Symi’s history dates back to Byzantine times when it was known for ship building, sponge fishing and wine. Indeed, there were 120 wine presses across this fairly small island and today some have been reconstructed. It is a very pleasant walk through cypress trees near Kourkouniotis to see them.
The harbour area is known as Gialos where the colourful two and three storey houses surround the water. The colours range from indigo to terracotta with red roofs and small balconies. There is a clock tower, a statue of a fisher boy welcoming arrivals, the ‘’Dove of Peace’’ statue that acts as a war memorial and a stone bridge linking the two sides of the harbour. There is a cathedral and a small maritime museum to admire.
Chorió is the village area behind, accessed up 500 steps. There are narrow streets, tree shade, small churches and a central square to relax with a coffee, wine or ouzo. Above there are the remnants of a castle built by the Knights of St. John in the 14th Century, the Knights expanding an original Byzantine structure.
The interior of Symi has villages and small valleys some running down to lovely coves where you can anchor during your yacht charter holiday. You should make times for Symi’s monasteries, Panagia Altheini, Panagia Myrtariotissa, Michail Roukouniotis and probably the most famous, the monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis from the 18th Century with its impressive early 20th Century bell tower.
There are plenty of beaches and with the flexibility of your luxury yacht charter, you will have no problem getting to any of them. In each case, the warm blue water laps against the sand or small pebbles.
Symi is famous for its seafood, especially its small shrimps. Perhaps you can even fish from your yacht to try to catch dinner? It is just one of a huge number of experiences we can offer on our yacht charters. We are happy to answer queries at any time and it costs you nothing to make an enquiry. It could be the start of something that leads to a memorable holiday?


Kos is an island just a short distance west of the Turkish Mainland. A long, narrow island, it is the third largest of the Dodecanese Islands with its capital, Kos Town, the biggest town. Some people know Kos as Hippocrates Island because it was the home of a man whose name is still synonymous with modern medicine. One of the things to see when you land at Kos on your luxury yacht charter is Hippocrates`s Plane Tree in the centre of the Town. Hippocrates was born in 460 BC and lived for over 80 years. It is thought that he taught his students under the tree that is over 2,500 years old.

The Island itself is surrounded by lovely clear waters. With the flexibility of a yacht charter, we are able to anchor anywhere you wish around the island. There is plenty to see and do on Kos and that includes visiting the ancient ruins in different parts of the Island as well as enjoy the natural environment with its lovely springs.

The Knights of St. John were responsible for much of the old architecture built in the 14th Century; defence fortifications still exist and the Castle dominating the harbour of Kos is perhaps the highlight? The original building is thought to date back to Byzantine times, the 7th Century. The Venetians and the Ottomans also spent time here, as did the Italians between the World Wars before Kos officially became Greece 70 years ago. The Italian legacy on Kos includes the market, the Archaeological Museum and the Fascism Palace now simply known as the Club. Defendar Mosque dates back to the Ottomans.
There remains a Turkish population of some 2,000 on the Islands. Local Turks and Greeks are very much friends in this tourist region of the Aegean.
There are many sandy beaches around the Island. The south side of the Island is the more sheltered but there are easily accessible beaches right around the Island. Access is never a problem when you have your own yacht charter of course. That is just one of the benefits of a luxury charter yacht vacation.
We have many years of experience in the Aegean. Our captains and crew know these waters well and are well-trained in providing quality service to all our clients. That includes comfortable accommodation, fine cuisine from the freshest of local produce and a commitment to ensuring a great holiday experience for everyone.
Perhaps you have not considered a charter yacht holiday before? Dare we suggest that you are missing something? The weather in the Aegean is excellent and the waters are calm and warm. You can swim whenever you want. Indeed, a great way to wake up in the morning as you lay at anchor is to dive into the sea. Now this may well have started you thinking and we will be delighted to answer all your questions if you get in touch. Kos is certainly a destination we are happy to recommend.

Nisyros Island (Mandraki)

Mandraki, the main port of Nisyros is also among the largest settlements on the island. It is traditionally laid out with whitewashed houses, typical of many Greek islands. There are a number of historical sites around the village including the Paleokastro, an ancient fortress and the ruins of an ancient city dating back to the 4th century BC. After enjoying these sites, there is a good choice of tavernas and bars.Nisyros is a volcanic island (which last had a steam eruption in 1888 and is still active) of almost circular shape with a diameter of about 8 kms. We normally anchor in the ferry port of Mandraki as the harbour at Pali is too shallow for us. Mandraki is charming and worth walking into at night. We can arrange for a taxi to take you up to the volcanic crater which still has several fumaroles giving off steam and pungent sulphuric aromas. Fascinating!

Tilos Island

Tilos is 14kms long by 8 wide and shaped like an inverted S. There are signs of habitation from 7-8000 years ago, including the bones of dwarf elephants. More recently the Knights of St John restored the Byzantine fortifications, before leaving Tilos in 1470. We normally land at Livadia harbour. We have not yet found the opportunity of visiting the Monastery of Agios Pandeleimon. The cave below is where the bones of dwarf elephants were discovered.

Chalki Island

Chalki (also called Halki) has the very pretty Italianate harbour village of Emborio on its south eastern corner where we enjoyed a walk ashore and an ice cream! This little known island with only one village is very unspoilt and relaxing after the furious bustle of Rhodes town.

Alimia Island

Alimia is virtually uninhabited with a tiny church and harbour settlement in the bay. We enjoyed a tough scramble up to the ruined fortifications on a high hill above to the west. The view made it worthwhile.

Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands in the south east Aegean close to the Turkish Mainland. It is a magical area with so much to offer from an excellent climate, lovely cuisine and of course so much history. Our standard yacht charter itineraries seek a balance between the many highlights as well as proving the flexibility that comes with yachting.

Rhodes Old Town, the capital of the Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a mix of narrow streets, lovely architecture, defensive walls that were so important centuries ago and traces of the many peoples who have lived here over history; Romans, Byzantines, Knights of St. John and the Ottomans.
The Island has a developed tourist infrastructure yet you can choose on your yacht charter holiday when you want to mingle with crowds and when you want to avoid them. Rhodes has some lovely seafood restaurants but can they possibly match dinner on board when you have caught your own fish? We don’t think so, although if you want to sample the nightlife, you can certainly do that.

As we sail around the coast, there are many places worth stopping. In Kallithea you will see the Roman baths and the small bay at Ladiko was used to film the ‘’Guns of Navarone’’ and another bay takes the nickname of the famous Mexican actor, Anthony Quinn (Zorba the Greek). There are plenty of traditional villages that have been affected little by tourism while the Monastery of the Virgin Mary is another attraction, dating back to the 13th Century and renovated subsequently.
The symbol of Rhodes is Mt. Ataviros and if you were to climb it, the views are stunning. Lindos was one of the most important places on Rhodes in ancient times; the acropolis was built on a rock overlooking the sea. There are other classical ruins and Lindos itself is a beautiful place with whitewashed houses and mansions. Incidentally, if you want to get up to the acropolis and don’t want to walk, hire a donkey!

Anything is possible. We can show you the standard yacht charter itineraries we have developed over the years. The experience of sailing in these waters is something we doubt you would ever forget. You have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us to find out more about what we can offer and guarantee a captain and crew that can deliver our promises.

What’s included in the price:

Private use the Boat, crew & fuel, 3 specially prepared meals each day (see pricing), 2x paddle board, food meals, boat fuels, Bodrum port fees, Cook, Transit log and other taxes, life jacket, snorkelling sets, towels, Skipper.

What’s excluded from the price:

Flights, Travel insurance, Motor dingy fuel, optional excursions, Fishing equipment, wifi, 2x sea scooters, Crew tips 5% or 10% of total charter fees, private marina fees, Drinks (guests are welcome to bring their own Duty Free drinks). Airports Transfers between Bodrum and boat.