Papuc Burnu

Pabuc Burnu is a nose-shaped place just a short distance from Bodrum. It is a good place for yachts to anchor in the beautifully coloured waters. Yachts can shelter here quite comfortably close to land that is covered by shrub vegetation is a picturesque cove with colourful clear waters and plenty of wildlife, highly desired by those who love snorkelling among natural beauties.

The coast of the Pabuc Burnu Bay is surrounded by picturesque white cliffs. The water here is so clear that the bottom of the sea can be seen almost all over the bay.

It is recommended that travellers who will swim use goggles and a snorkel because the diversity of life here is so great that it is worth seeing. Starting from the beach, the water takes on many different colours such as white, green, turquoise, and blue, creating a stunning photo opportunity.

The boats anchored here talk about how pleasant it is to swim under the full moon as well.

boat on the water
boat on the sea from the front