The Hisarönü Bay is an extremely popular tourist resort village located in the Fethiye district of Turkey, on the southwest of Marmaris. Compared to the other gulf’s in the area, Hisarönü Gulf is actually on the larger side and offers a little of something for everyone to enjoy with incredible views, jaw-dropping beaches, perfect shorelines, crystal clear water and blue sunny skies.

Hisarönü Turkey is often chosen by travellers looking for a calm, quiet holiday, with beautiful beaches and wonderful seas, but also attracts windsurfers and boating enthusiasts, as the weather can become rather windy during parts of the season.

The Ancient City of Bybassos – nearby to Hisarönü – is a popular destination for many tourists travelling to Hisarönü. Within Bybassos you can find an old temple called “Hemithea” on the Mount Eren, the remnants belong to the city of Kastabos.

Sailing across the Gulf of Hisarönü you’ll come across mesmeric cliffs and rocky formations. There’s a number of bustling towns, charming villages and secluded bays you can explore and enjoy.

Datca, Turkey, is an absolute must-visit. Once you’re here you won’t want to leave. There’s plenty to do in this beautiful town. You can take a stroll down the cobbled Kumluk Yolu and dine at one of the vibrant, flowery, fresh seafood restaurants.

Across the town square, you can visit the traditional Datca Harbour where you’ll find local fisherman selling their catch of the day. There’s also the freshwater lake,ılıca gölü, which runs into the sea. Despite the popularity of Datca, it’s beaches remain calm and peaceful, making them great places to swim and relax. The traditional Old Town is definitely worth a visit too.